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Professor Amin Dharamsi’s Group Publications Related to:
Remote Sensing

G. J. Koch, A. N. Dharamsi, C. M. Fitzgerald and J. C. McCarthy, “Frequency Stabilization of a Ho:Tm:YLF Laser to an Absorption Line of Carbon Dioxide” Applied Optics, Vol 39, 3664-3669, 2000

C. M. Fitzgerald, G. J. Koch, A. M. Bullock and A. N. Dharamsi, “Wavelength modulation spectroscopy of water vapor and line center stabilization at 1.462 mm for lidar applications”, Photonics West, 2000.

G. J. Koch, R. E. Davis, A. N. Dharamsi, M. Petros, and J. C. McCarthy, “Differential Absorption Measurements of Atmospheric Water Vapor with a Coherent Lidar at 2050.532 nm," 10th Conference on Coherent Laser Radar, Mt. Hood, OR, 1999.


Dr. Amin Dharamsi
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia
USA 23529-0246
E-mail: adharams@odu.edu